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What's New at PDQ Plastics, Inc.

PDQ Plastics Inc., Latest Product Review Article

PDQ Plastics Inc., Announces The Addition Of FLAME RETARDANCY To Its Pallet Line

PDQ Plastics Inc., The "SUPER D" Gets A "Lip"

What's New: Latest Product Review Article: Technology Drives 30 Years of Pallet Evolution

What's New at PDQ Plastics Inc.

Computer designed, the 40 x 48 "Super D" remains the standard of the industry for a nine leg nestable pallet.

The pallet. One might ask how recent advances in technology have been applied to a commodity that seems so far down the techno-food chain. After all, a wooden pallet is just a bunch of boards nailed together, and those newfangled plastic pallets are all the same, just big over-grown bread trays. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Even the lowly wooden pallet is being computer designed to be application specific.

And plastic pallets are available in a dizzying array of high tech designs and materials, each of which has a definite place in what is a very diverse marketplace.

As recently as 10 years ago, the primary emphasis in the industry was on cost per pallet. That emphasis has been slowly shifting to the analysis and control of cost per trip. Planning beyond the immediate purchase price of a pallet has become essential.

What's New at PDQ Plastics Inc.

PDQ Plastics, Inc. has added the option of UL 94 V-2 Flame Retardancy to its entire line of pallets.

A pallet that maintains its structural integrity will be much less likely to cause damage to the product it is carrying. Loss estimates from product damage caused by inferior pallets have been staggering, and to PDQ Plastics, Inc. management, unacceptable. Offer a pallet with no nails to pop, no boards to splinter, no modular parts to come loose, and no brittle pieces of cellular plastic to break off, and the pallet becomes part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Super 48 x 48 Drum

Super 48 x 48 Drum pallet safely handles four 55-gallon drums and can contain up to 12 gallons of nuisance spillage.

Another vitally important element of reducing cost per trip is the reduction of pallet related worker injuries. Improvements in design, material selection and application matching have all been enhanced by technological advances. Besides the economic impact worker injuries cause to a business, any increase in safety that a devise as ubiquitous as the pallet can bring to the table is surely welcome. PDQ Plastics, Inc. has always held that a durable pallet is also a safe pallet. The problems listed above that damage product are the same problems that injure workers.

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40 x 48 Super D Pallet

The 40 x 48 "Super D" - sometimes product testing is not so high tech.

Another important element that will impact cost per trip is application suitability. Simply stated, the right pallet for the right job. Technology has given the pallet manufacturer the ability to computer design pallets to maximize such aspects as] strength to weight ratio, load bearing configurations, and impact resistance. PDQ Plastics, Inc. has used computer aided design from the very beginning, and continues to use computer aided product testing and development to bring the right pallet to the right application.

What's New at PDQ Plastics Inc.

The 40 x 48 "Super D" in use for the transportation of multiple, heavy weight cylinder head castings

One of the more notable achievements of this development has been to add the option of UL 94 V-2 Flame Retardancy to PDQ Plastics, Inc. entire line of pallets. The goal was to find a flame retardant material that could be processed into our existing designs with a minimum loss of other properties, again, maintaining the basic cost per trip imperative.

There is little argument left that would support a "cheaper pallet" over one that has a higher initial cost, but an exponentially extended service life. Operationally, economically and even environmentally, the long life pallet is the winner every time.

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There is, however, still the challenge of protecting and managing that asset. It is in this area, the area of asset management, and in this case, pallet management, that technology has made its biggest impact felt. Once the mindset of the pallet user has been changed to accept the pallet as an asset, it becomes the job of the pallet professional to offer ways that will allow that asset to be seamlessly managed. Achieving this goal, although challenging, needs only to be considered as part and parcel to the overall asset management programs and procedures that are in current use and development today. For example, if your company is using a simple SKU system to control inventory, give your pallets an SKU number, and maintain records accordingly. As your asset management system becomes more sophisticated, simply include the pallet in the system. This makes the durability of a pallet such as the PDQ Plastics, Inc. 40 x 48 "Super D" even more essential, as it adds fundamental consistency to its job in the transport loop, while at the same time virtually eliminating one branch of that loop, pallet repair.

Whether you are using something as simple as color coding, hot stamping or bar coding, or as complex as state-of-the-art RF data retrieval, it still comes down to calculating the cost per trip of your pallets. And that's where PDQ Plastics, Inc. comes in. Through the latest advances in technology (some of which are 30 years old), we will continue to supply only the most durable plastic pallets available, sell them only into those applications to which they are suited, and provide the best customer service in the industry to back them up.

What's New: PDQ Plastics, Inc. Announces the Addition of Flame Retardancy to its Pallet Line

In cooperation with a leading compounder of Flame retardant additives, PDQ Plastics, Inc. long known for its leadership in the production of heavy duty Plastic Pallets, has announced that it now offers its complete Pallet line molded from UL 94-V2 Flame Retardant material.

"Our goal was to add the feature of flame retardancy to the proven pallet designs that we have been offering to our customers for years," said Barry Nathans, PDQ Plastics, Inc. president. "We didn't want to have to come up with a compromise design just to make it fit the process ability issues of the flame retardant materials that are currently available. We wanted to make the pallets that our customers have come to rely on, only make them flame retardant. There was also the issue of cost. A flame retardant pallet that is not cost effective over the life of the pallet makes no sense. We know our pallets have the reputation of lasting far beyond the pay-back point, and we didn't want our FR pallets to be an exception to that rule."

Hartson Poland, PDQ Plastics, Inc. VP of Operations added, "We also like our traditional solid deck design when it comes to the issue of fire protection. Safety literature has always pointed out the advantage of a solid deck over open grids or spaced slats (on pallets) when faced with the upward migration of a fire. We also didn't want to move away from our commitment to solid, non foamed material.

"Our FR material passes UL flame class 94 V-2," stated Mr. Nathans. "And the fact that we can mold any of our pallet designs from that same material gives our customers selection options that are not available elsewhere in the industry.

To learn more about the new FR Material Plastic Pallets from PDQ Plastics, Inc. call toll free 800.447.7141.

What's New: "SUPER D" gets Lip...

What's New: SUPER D gets LipBAYONNE, NJ - PDQ Plastics, Inc. announced today that their 40 x 48 "SUPER D" Plastic Pallet is now available with an interrupted "lip". Barry Nathans, President of PDQ Plastics, Inc. said the up-turned partial lip was added to the Pallet after several customers requested the option. "The strength and durability of the "SUPER D" has never been questioned," Nathans said. "The addition of the lip puts one more value added feature on our list, without an added cost to the customer." The 40 x 48 "SUPER D", which has been the bench-mark nestable Plastic pallet since 1969, is available in 12 stock colors.

For more information CONTACT: Hartson Poland, Toll Free at 800.447.7141

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